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Bread and Oil

Bread and Oil



from 20 November 2022 to 20 November 2022



In the most suggestive and characteristic corners of the village of Stroncone, one of the most awaited autumn events takes place, to taste the "yellow gold" of our territory, the extra virgin olive oil, King of every condiment to be tasted with other products typical places, in an itinerary that will wind from Piazza della Libertà to via del Macello.
The day will begin at 10.30 with a free guided tour of the village of Stroncone; then continue at 12.00 with a "Caccia alle Stroncolive", an activity for the little ones through the streets of the historic centre, accompanied by adults.
It will be possible to take the free gastronomic route, with seven tasting points, until the typical products run out; limited seats.

For info: Proloco di Stroncone

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