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the cloth merchant - spectacle

the cloth merchant - spectacle



from 26 September 2022 to 26 September 2022



The show "Il mercante di stoffe" by Matteo Corrado, dancer, choreographer, director, actor and author, will be repeated in Marmore at the Campaccis, at 6.00 pm.
The performance, selected out of sixty-one performances for the Pescopagano Open Theater Festival, is an evocative dance theater solo on St. Francis of Assisi.
At the end it will be possible to taste a "Franciscan aperitif" at a cost of 10.00 euros.

For info and reservations 340 8376364 - 342 5035845

Organized by “I campacci caffè Bistrot Marmore” in collaboration with the Proloco of Marmore

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