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Art does not stop ...

Art does not stop ...

Despite the closure of the museums, open-air art has a predominant place in the city of Terni.
The murals created by the French artist Caroline Derveaux for the 2020 edition of GemellArte, International Festival of Contemporary Art are ready to enhance the local heritage and give us a sense of "lightness" in this difficult time.
As the artist explains, the goal is to concentrate and tap into our collective optimism, the cultural values ​​that allow us to resist, to escape and to dream.
Passing through via Giotto and via dei Castelli, at the corner of Via del tribunale, we will find "Naissance à Terni" and "Renessance à Terni" waiting for us, giving new life to two soiled and forgotten walls located respectively in a district whose streets are dedicated to artists of all time, from Masaccio to Michelangelo, and a short distance from the musical conservatory named after Giulio Briccialdi, nineteenth-century Italian flutist and composer.
So we just have to stop for a moment to observe those colors and shapes to find some optimism. Art works miracles ...

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