The Church of Santa Maria della Pace

The Church of Santa Maria della Pace


The center of Terni is dotted with beautiful medieval churches (San Francesco, Sant’Alò, San Salvatore, San Pietro, San Lorenzo ..). A treasure trove of sacred places of which many of the tourists who arrive in our city are often surprised, convinced that Terni is only a "modern" city.

Leaving the urban center, in the Valenza district, well integrated into the landscape, there is an"author's" church - another jewel of sacred architecture - designed by the contemporary architect Paolo Portoghesi. It is the church of Santa Maria della Pace.

It has star-shaped plan and roof. Made with the use of wood, sponga stone(a very common material in the buildings of the Terni area) and pink stone, it presents the pictorial cycle by Stefano Di Stasio in which the stories of the Umbrian Protomartyrs are illustrated.

The church is also the point from which the path of the Franciscan Protomartyrs begins, which leads, in its final stage, to the sanctuary at the church of San Antonio da Padova in Terni.


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