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December 8: Miranda's star begins to shine

December 8: Miranda's star begins to shine

After the extraordinary lighting in March, with which we wanted to give a sign of hope and a sense of unity, during the difficult period of the pandemic, Miranda's comet, visible from all over Terni, returns to shine with more ardor in this Christmas period, to remind us that we must never let our guard down, but continue to face with confidence all the difficulties we are experiencing.
This year more than ever we need you, a symbol of hope that, with its eighty points of light, continues to illuminate our path ...

The traditional torchlight procession organized by Amatori Podistica Terni, which from Miranda arrives in the city to symbolically light the star, will not be carried out this year due to the provisions on containment Covid - 19.

"The Golden Star" Award
This year the "Golden Star" award will be symbolically assigned to all socio-health workers: nurses, 118 staff, medical personnel of the local health facilities, and those who, acting on the front line, have committed themselves with self-denial to helping the people affected by the pandemic.
At 5.30 pm in the infectious disease covered atrium of the S. Maria di Terni Hospital, the prize will be awarded: Dr. Pasquale Chiarelli for AOSP Terni and Dr. Massimo De Fino for the USL Umbria 2, accompanied by four operators of healthcare personnel. The short ceremony, which will take place in full compliance with the latest provisions on Covid -19 containment, will be attended exclusively by: Prefect of Terni, Mayor of Terni, Deputy Mayor of Terni, Bishop of Terni-Narni Amelia, President of the Pro Loco of Miranda.

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