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Discovering the Nativity scenes around Terni

Discovering the Nativity scenes around Terni



from 08 December 2018 to 06 January 2019



Anyone who has chosen to spend a few days of vacation in the most beautiful villages of our province, will have the opportunity to discover the local craftsmanship through the various Nativity representations. There are many "paths" that propose the Holy Nativity. In addition to the various Scenes in Terni, moving to the surrounding areas it is possible to visit the picturesque Nativity on the lake of Piediluco and the artistic nativity scenes set up in some historic churches such as S. Francesco and S. Maria Impensole in Narni. In Calvi dell’Umbria is located the ancient monumental Nativity scene, while in the picturesque village of S. Vito you can relive the atmosphere of a time visiting the living nativity scene, a perfect reconstruction of ancient crafts, in a striking natural setting.
These and many other nativity scenes await visitors who want to dive themselves in the magic of places rich in traditions.

The Nativity Scenes


St Valentine
Marmore falls
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