The "Lancia di Luce" Sculpture


It is Terni's own and distinctive landmark. The "LANCIA DI LUCE", an iron and steel sculpture by the artist Arnaldo Pomodoro,stands 30 meters high at the intersection of Corso del Popolo and Via Lattes.

The work, created for the hundred years of the Steelworks, is dedicated to the industrial and steel industry Terni, elevated to a monument, and to the work that is its expression. The obelisk symbolically represents, in the different overlapping parts that compose it, the phases of steel processing: from the rust-colored iron bottom top to the pyramidal tip in gold-light.

In addition to this extraordinary work of art, other valuable sculptures by contemporary artists are exhibited in the open air in several parts of the city. To name a few:

"HYPERION" by Agapito Miniucchi - work in corten steel, is a representation of the Terni basin (intersection between viale Borzacchini and viale dello Stadio)

"FORMS IN EVOLUTION IN SPACE" - in steel, by Umbro Battaglini and Ottavio Gigliotti (via Lanzi, near the church of San Francesco)

"ETERNAL EMBRACE" - bronze sculpture by the American Mark Kostabi and that the artist himself donated to the city of Love (Largo Villa Glori)

 "COMPOSITION of SHAPES" - work by Umberto Mastroianni, recalls a totem (Corso Tacito, intersection with via Angeloni)

"L’ALBERO" - steel sculpture by Peppe Di Giuli (via Angeloni)

But the artworks that can be encountered while walking in the city and in other places in the municipal area are surprisingly many.

We invite you to download the TAM (Terni Art Mapping) App to learn about all the cultural and artistic itineraries in which to be guided at any time of the year.


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