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A legend of love at the waterfall .....

A legend of love at the waterfall .....

There is an ancient legend, narrated in different versions, but with the same intent to "mythologize" a Love that goes beyond the boundaries of space and time. The legend in question is linked to the Greek myth and concerns the Black nymph, daughter of the god of the Apennines, who fell in love with the shepherd Velino, unleashing the wrath of the goddess Juno, ready to hinder the love of a demigod with a terrestrial. The girl was then transformed into the current Black River, while Velino threw himself into the waters to rejoin his beloved for life.
The Marmore waterfall thus becomes a symbol of this eternal "launch" and, in its splendid park, there is a particular point that recalls the courageous act of love: The Lovers' Balcony ".
You reach the Balcony by following path 1 for about 20 ', crossing the tunnel of the same name. The Balcony, carved into the travertine, is located right in front of the first jump of the waterfall, and the strong impact with the power of the water makes this place even more exciting.
On Valentine's Day, we invite all lovers to reach this "magical" place and immoratalize a romantic moment with a photo.

Happy Valentine's Day

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