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Parking area at Marmore falls: on payment from 01 April to 30 September

Parking area at Marmore falls: on payment from 01 April to 30 September

The municipal administration intends to provide a gradual reduction of the vehicular access on Valnerina highway, establishing parking lots starting in Vocabolo Staino to facilitate the inflow of cyclists and pedestrians or with shuttles, also assisting in this way the tourists in the city and reducing the traffic and environmental impact of the number of vehicles on the way to the tourist site.  For this purpose the parking area of Marmore falls will be on payment from 01 April to 30 September of every year with the following prices:

• Car stop: the same tariff as for the city centre on weekdays and holidays: € 1.20 with a minimum of € 0.80 for the first half hour. It’s intend a daily tariff of € 5.00 (valid for the solar day), available on all the parking lots of the territory, but you can’t use the season tickets for blue parking lots issued for the urban center because without validity for tourist parking lots
• Touristic bus stop: daily tariff for weekdays and holidays, € 30.00 for Belvedere parking and under € 25.00 for the Belvedere Superiore parking.

According to the trade associations, is expected the sale of blocks of promotional rates for economic operators of Belvedere Superiore and Inferiore, they can be bought and offered free of charge and at their own discretion to their customers in a manner to be established. There are also special monthly rates of € 25.50 for holders of economic and professional activities, placed on the parking area and € 40.00 for the employees.

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