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Peoples and religions film festival - 16th edition

Peoples and religions film festival - 16th edition



from 07 November 2020 to 15 November 2020



Due to the restrictions of the health emergency, the 2020 edition of Terni Film Festival has been completely reinvented in its formula, but despite the difficulties, the project will be even larger than in the past. Numerous scheduled events and the absolute novelty of virtual reality as a category in competition.
The Festival will take place in two phases: the first online, from 7 to 15 November and the second live in April and, in addition to the city of Terni, will also involve Rome and Vacone in Sabina.
On 4 November, at 11.00, the press conference is scheduled at the Hall of the Diocesan Curia.
The conference will be streamed on the youtube profile and on the facebook page of the Festival

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