Between the end of the 18th century and throughout  the 19th century, many European painters  came to visit the Nera river valley area and its surroundings.  They were charmed by the beautiful landscape and while moving from one place to another, they looked for “ideal” view points  to depict en  plein air the beauties  they caught ( natural scenery and sights as well ).

The most renowned of these artists, referred to as “Plenaristi”( they are named after  “en plein air”- from life-) is Camille Corot. The artworks of Plenaristi mainly consist of watercolours , paintings and drawings, almost all of which are kept in several overseas museums.

Now, thanks to MUSEO DIFFUSO DEI PLENARISTI, everyone can discover the places to which these artists were drawn and which they painted from life.  A well arranged itinerary to follow on foot reaches such spots as Marmore Water Falls, the village of Papigno and the its nearby woods, lake Piediluco, Narni and the Augustus Bridge. Along the trail, are multimedia displays  which also exhibit reproductions of the paintings.

Moreover, at the infopoint of Belvedere Inferiore of Marmore Water Falls are two halls equipped with large screens and multimedia facilities which, by means of a 6D cinema technique , allow the visitor to take a  virtual journey by “flying” over the placed much loved by the Plenaristi and “get inside” their works of art.



St Valentine
Marmore falls
Historic centre