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Rebirth feast

Rebirth feast



from 25 September 2020 to 27 September 2020


Terni Consulta la mappa

A revisited version of the traditional Cantamaggio of Terni will be offered for three days in four city town squares. The feast will be dedicated as always to the folkloristic exposition and to topics about nature, combined with something new with the intention that all this event would be a good omen for a quick recovery of the city of Terni.
In Piazza della Repubblica a stage will be set up for live events and the big allegorical wagon called “Rinascita” (eng. “Rebirth”) which the “maggiaioli” artisans have created as a symbol of hope, will be exhibited; in Piazza Europa another stage for live events will be set up as well as the allegorical wagon dedicated to the “spuntino de maggiu” (eng. A snack of May); the Piazza dei Bambini will host a large outdoor playground with entertainment. Finally, Piazza Tacito, for the occasion, will be transformed in a theatre which will host theatre and dance performances.
There will also be space for artist of the National scene and travelling shows through the streets of the city. A rich event, including “maggiaiole” songs (eng. songs of May”), poems and various shows, all in the name of “Rinascita”, obviously with  full compliance with all safety regulations currently in force.

The complete program will soon be online

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