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Reopening of Tourist Attractions in the Terni Area

Reopening of Tourist Attractions in the Terni Area

After being closed because of the pandemic , the sights and attractions of the Terni area are about to be reopened. The measures taken on behalf of visitors’safety, will ensure a safe and enjoyable experience . So do not hesitate to arrange your holiday in this corner of Umbria : we are keen to welcome you!

The reopening of the tourist sites is scheduled as follows:

On 29 May  Marmore Waterfall natural Park

Trails  1 and 4 are still closed to public, as are 6D cinema facility and multimedia Museo of Plenaristi


On 30 May    CAOS  Museum ( which houses  an archaeological Museum and a modern and contemporary art collection)

On 3 June    the archaeological site of Carsulae ( which keeps the remains of this roman town and houses  the museum exhibiting finds from the town)

You can get up-to-date information on  the following web sites:


St Valentine
Marmore falls
Historic centre