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#Restartfromnature: discovering the Nera River Park

#Restartfromnature: discovering the Nera River Park

Between the gorges of Valnerina and the jump of the Cascata delle Marmore, the two environmental assets of the Nera River Park, you can immerse yourself in a natural setting where you can spend days in complete relaxation, including trekking and visits to the most characteristic villages of the lower Valnerina.
The Black River, which flows through the Park, makes the place one of the most evocative of the Central Apennines. This water resource allows you to play various sports such as rafting, canyoning, and one in particular, less known but not by fans: no-kill sport fishing, a technique that, respecting the flora and fauna, offers the opportunity for those who practice it, to remain a few hours immersed in the waters of the streams and the surrounding greenery, benefiting from the quiet of the place and thus recharging the own energies.
Open air and sport, this is the ideal combination in this period, so .... why not go here too? Getting there is easy from all parts of Umbria, we are waiting for you with a great desire to start again .. !!

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St Valentine
Marmore falls
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