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Giostra dell'Arme - San Gemini

Giostra dell'Arme - San Gemini



from 23 September 2022 to 09 October 2022


San Gemini

From the last Saturday of September until the second Sunday of October, in the beautiful village of San Gemini, you can "breathe" an ancient atmosphere, wandering through its streets. In honor of the patron saint, from which the town takes its name, the "Giostra dell’Arme" is organized every year, one of the most important commemorative events in Italy. A succession of events including shows, exhibitions, tastings at the Taverns, ending with the knightly tournament between the two districts in which the city is divided, with the expected show of the flag-waving group of San Gemini, now famous nationally and international.
Do not miss the opportunity to visit this town full of charm and history.

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