Outdoor sports in Valnerina

Outdoor sports in Valnerina

Stretching from Terni to Ferentillo, the Valnerina Valley falls under the NERA Natural Park that forms part of a well preserved and rich system of natural parks of the Region Umbria where development and exploitations are strictly regulated by a complex set of landscape and environmental legislations.

Crossed by the river Nera, this almost untouched naturalistic ecosystem, is rich with forests, gentle hills and valleys where “water” is also predominantly present.

Among the most enchanting and spectacular corners of the South of Umbria, this territory is a magnet for sport lovers, hence offering countless opportunities for outdoor sports.

Discover outdoor sports offered by our territory

Watersport activities

Among outdoor sports, rafting is certainly the most popular. Rafting can be a good choice both for sport professionals that choose more adventurous routes near the Marmore falls, or for less experienced or even kids who can venture on a soft-rafting adventure along more gentle tracts of the Nera river, running 5 km from Ferentillo to Arrone. Other exciting sports that can be done in groups or individually are Bumper Tubing, Riverboarding/hydrospeed, Kayaking, Canyoning; Canoeing&Kayaking, Standup paddleboarding (acronym SUP), river trekking. Most outdoor sport require the guidance of professional instructors, as canyoning, for example, uses different techniques such as walking, climbing, scrambling and swimming to descend whirling streams/rivers. One of the most enchanting and easier places for canoeing is certainly the Lake Piediluco that has also 2 nice artificially built sand beaches easily accessible for an enjoyable sunbathing. Here you can rent a canoe and immerse in the beauty of a lake that still maintains the shape of a volcano.

Get more information on sport associations operating in the territory

For all water sports: “Raftingmarmore”. Website: www.raftingmarmore.com; info and reservations: Mobile: +39.39330753420 – info@raftingmarmore.com
Rafting, Canoeing, Canyoning: Centro outdoor Pangea. Webpage: https://pangea-italia.com; info and reservations: Mobile +39.3487711170, e-mail: info@pangea-italia.com.
Rafting, Canyoning. Webpage: www.umbriaoutdoor.it - Contacts (Mobile) +39.3386703305 – (e-mail) info@umbriaoutdoor.it
Rafting, SUP, canyoning, canoeing at Lake Piediluco: Association “Nera Adventure River asd” - Webpage: www.raftingnerariver.it ; nerariver@libero.it – Contacts: (Mobile) +39. 3923634544 or +39.320 0687327

Sport climbing/Rock climbing

The Valnerina offers a thrilling experience with rock climbing. A true paradise for climbing lovers, the crags of Ferentillo is the second largest site in Italy with approximately 320 routes of carbonate rock of different difficulty ratings, hence requiring different climbing techniques. Due to the mild weather in Umbria, the crags in Ferentillo are accessible for most part of the year. For the less experienced, the easiest climbing routes are in the nearby Contrada Precetto, close to the village of Monterivoso.

Get more information:
Mr Alvise Mario (CAI – The Italian Alpine Centre), e-mail: alvise.mario@gmail.com


For all lovers of speleology and caving, the Valnerina offers guided tours in one of the most spectacular areas full of natural caves. Guided tours with experienced professionals are available, ensuring safe yet exciting experience. This is because excursions require the use of suitable equipment as well guidance/instructions on specific speleological techniques to get started. Trips to the travertine caves in the Marmore Waterfalls and the surrounding areas, are a good start for beginners or people with limited or no experience.

Get more information:
Webpage: www.umbriaoutdoor.it; Phone (fixed line): +39.3386703305 – (email): info@umbriaoutdoor.it

To visit the caves of Marmore Falls: www.cascatadellemarmore.info


The Nera Valley is full of beautiful medieval villages rich in history and framed by an enchanting natural landscape that encourages relaxation, sport and simply time spent outdoor. There are several trekking trails offering a beautiful experience immersed in a landscape that changes from oak and beech woods, gentle hills to green and colourful meadows, all backdrops to the blue sky and graceful horizon of Umbria’s enchanting territory. Open to families, to professional or experienced trekkers depending on the level of difficulty, most trails have distinctive signs to help visitors get through. However, it is advisable to plan a visit beforehand with experienced guides prior to starting a trip.

Get more information:
www.umbriaoutdoor.it - Mobile:+393386703305 ; e-mail: info@umbriaoutdoor.it ; Website www.trekkinginumbria.it . Contact: Mr Alessio Sugoni, Environmental Guide : Tel. +39.333 9083538 Italian Alpine Centre (CAI) in Terni – Phone (fixed line) +390744 286500 ; e-mail: cai.terni@libero.it

For guided tours to the gorges of the river Nera: DREAVEL - Mobile: +39.388 3206074 – (fixed line) +390744 1980233


Terni’s Valnerina offers more than 300 km of mountain bike routes that often cross old cart and mule tracks dated back centuries and still in use. From the Marmore Falls top Belvedere where the Nera Greenway starts, a series of trails run alongside the river Nera to form a 180 km large ring route connected with Lake Pediluco and the city of Terni. The main Centre for excursion and School of Mountain Bike is located 1 km off the Village of Arrone. The Centre offers guided tours with own or rented bikes along the most beautiful routes of the river Nera.

Get more information:
Webpage: www.umbriainmountainbike.it ; e-mail info@umbriainmountainbike.it Phone (fixed line) and fax: +390744-287686; Contact: Mr Vito Santamaria (Mobile) +39.380-3088533

Fishing / No kill fishing

For fishing lovers, the Valnerina offers different fishing zones classified according to the type of fishes present in the various streams and rivers of the territory. The regional fishing preservation map indicates the fario trout as the dominant species present in Terni and the Nera river. Traditional fishing however is restricted in those 2 main tracts of the Nera and Corno rivers streaming along the villages of Cerreto di Spoleto, Vallo del Nera and Ferentillo. These tracts are considered “no-killing” zones whereas fishing is allowed only by means of no killing techniques and equipment (including safe baits) that allow the fish, once captured, to be returned to its habitat, reducing pressure on the ecosystem.

Get more information:
Website - www.neranokill.it ; e-mail: info@neranokill.it

Air sports activities

For those passionate for landing and take-off runway of microlights (ULM), Terni has one of the most extended airfields for amateur and professionals, namely the Alvaro Leonardi airfield. Located in the industrial area of Maratta, Le Sore, 7 km off the city of Terni, the Alvaro Leonardi has a flying school/Training that uses VDS – VM vehicles and helicopters (certification Aero Club d’Italia, n.174 by Coni). The base offers, among others, parachuting skydives, tandem skydiving, tourist/panorama flights. A bar and a restaurant where you can have an enjoyable meal while outdoor admiring a striking view of the Valley are also available.

Get more information:

Airfield “Alvaro Leonardi”: Address: Via Gianni Caproni, 4 – Terni Mobile: +39.3357277715; e-mail: avio@ternireti.it
Panorama or tourist flights: Website: www.aeroclubterni.eu e.mail: aeroclubterni@gmail.com; Contact (Mobile): +39.3313459923
Full Aviation Services srl – Certified aeronautic Service. Contact (Mobile): +39. 3496904682