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Canoeing, kayaking, rafting and hydrospeeding on the River Nera and its affluents, pot holing in the caves of the Marmore Waterfalls and free climbing on the rocky faces of the Valnerina valley.
The Nera River Park is famous for its culinary products, especially pork processing.
Cold cuts and hams have a distinctive taste, not only because of the traditional curing and aging techniques, but also because the pigs graze in a totally intact environment, and this renders these products particularly special.
Thanks to its wooded nature the Valnerina is also famous for truffles, especially the "black" kind known as the "truffle of Norcia or Spoleto", while the area at the foot of the hill where olives are abundant, oil has been a PDO product for years.
Water abounds in the Park and the numerous restaurants in the area offer, among other specialities, river shrimps and trout; especially the brown “fario” trout, low fat, with a delicate flavour and perfect for preparing in different ways (boiled, steamed or roasted).
The Park is a significant occasion for wine and food, naturalistic and cultural tourism.
As well as castles and mediaeval villages, the area is full of industrial archaeology including factories and hydroelectric plants.


It is not necessary to be an expert to practice this sport, it’s just enough to know how to swim well and be fit.
Those who cannot swim or are afraid of the Nera rapids can go down the river in a more relaxing way for 12 kilometres inside the Nera River Park.
The river here is not as strong as at the foot of the Falls and one can sail along in the midst of the wonderful nature the valley has to offer.

"Le Marmore” Rowing and Rafting Centre - Via Carlo Neri - 05037 - Papigno (Terni)
Tel: +39 330-753420 337-729154 | Fax: +39 06-86212249
Website: www.raftingmarmore.comE-mail:

Canoeing and kayaking

The "Paolo Ceccarelli" slalom canoe club on the Nera River is an ideal location for training and canoe and kayak racing and very often the National Federation athletes are sent to Terni because of the particularly favourable conditions that this training camp offers as well as the town itself.

"Le Marmore” Rowing and Rafting Centre - Via Carlo Neri - 05037 - Papigno (Terni)
Tel: +39 330-753420 337-729154 | Fax: +39 06-86212249
Website: | E-mail:


The Italian Rowing Federation chose Piediluco as its headquarters for the National Rowing Centre at the Paolo d'Aloja Sailing Club due to the especially favourable climatic conditions, as well as the absence of wind and currents. Every year it hosts numerous national and international rowing competitions. 


One can do climbing all year round in the Valnerina area which includes Ferentillo, Montefranco and Arrone, where the incredible game played by nature provides all types of calcareous rocks.
In these places you can climb how, where and when you want and learn the fundamental techniques of climbing, starting from the age of 12 upwards.
Instructors and experts guarantee to all maximum safety while climbing.
If weather conditions are not favourable, one can train indoors in artificial structures.

Valnerina Verticale Sport - P.zza V. Emanuele, 9 Ferentillo (Terni)
Tel: 0744/ 244481

Vertigini Sport - Via Mentana, 4, 05100 Terni
Tel: 0744 274613 


A hybrid discipline mixing climbing and speleology, total immersion in nature’s geological phenomena not yet mellowed by time, travelling back in time along the waterways.
In this environment a unique scenario of canyoning is created also at a medium-level.

Coop. La Mongolfiera - Viadel Parco, 27 - Narni (Terni)
Tel: 338/6703305 | Sito web:

During the year there are also many national and foreign teams present that find Piediluco to be an ideal place for their training.

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