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Romantic artist lights

Romantic artist lights



from 11 January 2023 to 28 February 2023



Terni continues to shine after Christmas with romantic artist lights to kick off the most important city event of the year, dedicated to the Patron Saint Valentino.
There are numerous light installations that create a particular atmosphere. In P.zza Tacito there are installations of 3D hearts with an illuminated bench; in Piazza Europa, on the facade of the town hall, the projection of a luminous heart is of great effect; the balloons in Corso Tacito are dedicated to all couples who want to immortalize their love; on the main facade of the Basilica of S. Valentino you can admire the suggestive projection of the white silhouette of the Saint on a red background.
While waiting for the program of Valentinian appointments, let yourself be amazed by the magic of the romantic lights as you stroll through Terni, a city always ready to reserve you some surprises.

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