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The St. Valentine's Path

The St. Valentine's Path

The "Camino di San Valentino" is now fully traced and can be walked in safety and freedom. A path created with the utmost competence and passion for all pilgrims and walkers.
The route that starts and arrives at the Basilica of San Valentino in Terni is about 190 km long and with 10 stages that connect the most beautiful and evocative places in the Conca di Terni, among waterfalls, monasteries and hermitages, rivers and lakes, medieval villages, woods and valleys, archaeological sites, hills with olive trees and mountain churches, traditions, legends and food and wine excellence.

Map of the way

The Way is the result of the idea of the environmental-excursion guide Marco Cincinelli, president of the A.S.D. Tribes on the move, whose creation has been worked on by a special promoting committee made up of enthusiasts and volunteers, with the support of the National Educational Sports Centre.