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Local Cuisine

Local Cuisine


                                                                 If you are keen on good food and traditional cuisine, you shouldn’t miss out on a chance to taste local dishes when you are on a holiday in the Terni area.

Here we suggest some of the most typical gastronomic fare of this part of Umbria.

“Bruschetta” that is a slice of toasted bread topped with olive oil features  as an appetizer. It is usually served along with slices of savoury cured meat produced in the Valnerina area.  A major first course is “Ciriole alla Ternana”. It is a home-made long pasta type dressed with olive oil, garlic and red pepper; other seasonings include mushrooms and black truffles –the latter are local delicacies. Another popular first course is “Gnocchetti alla Collescipolana”( tiny dumplings) which is prepared for the feast days of the village of Collescipoli.

A common meat dish is “Faraona alla leccarda” namely spit-roasted stuffed  guinea-fowl : it is cut to pieces and served on slices of toasted bread. If you prefer fish, at Piediluco( a lake resort not far from Terni) you can try “Carbonaretti”- fish from the lake which is flambé. River Nera crayfish in “green dressing” also taste good. The basic ingredient of local cuisine is olive oil, the output of this produce being quite extensive in this area. You will enjoy such food better by sipping some high- quality Umbrian wines (DOC and IGT).

Local pastry is delicious!

Bon Appétit !


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