Industrial archaeology


CAOS Centro Arti Opificio SIRI

CAOS Centro Arti Opificio SIRI

Since 1973 the space had hosted an industrial settlement, specifically a papal ironworks, the largest factory in Umbria ...

La Pressa da 12.000 t

The 12.000-ton Press

The 12.000-ton Press is a symbol of work, of technology, of the commitment of an entire city to its factory.

Fabbrica d’Armi

The Arms Factory

The Arms Factory was the first establishment that marked the beginning of industrialisation in the Terni basin. It began...


The Steelworks

The Steelworks, built in 1884-87, was described at that time as "the most beautiful steel mill in the world”.

Videocentro (ex Officine Bosco)

The Videocentre (former Officine Bosco)

The restoration and reuse of the warehouses of a metalworking factory led to the construction of the Videocentre in Tern...