Spiritual places


Abbazia di San Cassiano, Narni

Abbey of San Cassiano, Narni

Secluded amidst the green woods of Monte Santa Croce, in the Narni area, the Benedictine abbey of San Cassiano has the c...

Speco di San Francesco

Speco of St Francis

The Speco di of St. Francis, set amidst magnificent woods in the locality of Sant'Urbano di Narni, is one of the greates...

Abbazia di San Benedetto in fundis, Stroncone/Miranda

The Abbey of San Benedetto in fundis, Stroncone

Along the route that connects Stroncone to Miranda are the remains of the Abbey of San Benedetto, which takes its name “...

Abbazia di San Nicolò, Sangemini

The Abbey of San Nicolò, Sangemini

The church of San Nicolò was founded around the year 800 by St Geminus, who came from Syria and became a Benedictine mon...

Abbazia di San Pietro in Valle, Ferentillo

The Abbey of San Pietro in Valle, Ferentillo

The abbey of San Pietro in Valle has thousands of years of history and has its roots in the early Middle Ages.