Urban art


Nato sulla città e rapportato alla città

Born in the city and related to the city

There are six large quartz cement sculptures in the public gardens in Via Giannelli next to the Passeggiata.

Composizione di forme, Mastroianni

Composition of shapes

In 2001, it was the steelworks of Terni that donated the work of Umberto Mastroianni placed at the intersection between ...

Ornato disegnato, UNO

Decorated design

The work by UNO proposes a tapestry, an aesthetic element inserted in a context that offers a particularly suggestive vi...



It is a permanent installation which physically completes a triptych of work illustrating the city of Terni to whomever,...

Lancia di Luce

Lance of Light

It is known to everyone as Arnaldo Pomodoro’s obelisk, but its real name is the “Lance of Light” (Lancia di Luce). It is...

Playing Upstream

Playing Upstream

The work of MP5 is a fun recreation of the famous wind-up submarines we used to play with quite some time ago.

L'abbraccio eterno

The eternal embrace

The bronze sculpture was donated to the City of Love by the artist who created it, the American Mark Kostabi.

Fontana dello Zodiaco

The Zodiac Fountain

The monumental fountain in Tacito Square is the iconic emblem of Terni and a symbolic representation of its steel indust...

Uprium - Hiperion

Uprium - Hiperion

Only steel could be used for the sculpture that welcomes those entering Terni from the motorway ring road. A sculpture t...