Basilica di San Valentino

Basilica of St Valentine

The Basilica of St Valentine is located about two kilometres from the centre of Terni, on the site of an ancient Christi...

Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta

Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta

The Cathedral of Terni is dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta and its actual appearance is the result of the reconstruction...

Chiesa del Carmine

Church of Carmine

The construction of the Church of Santa Maria del Carmine is due to the presence of an image of the Virgin Mary, painted...

Chiesa di San Cristoforo

Church of San Cristoforo

The Church of San Cristoforo stands in an area of the historical centre of Terni that was profoundly transformed by post...

Chiesa di San Lorenzo

Church of San Lorenzo

The church, one of the oldest parish churches in the city, was built in the Romanesque period and has been enlarged and ...

Chiesa di San Pietro

Church of San Pietro

The present church, extensively remodelled over the centuries, dates back to the 12th century and has a gabled façade, a...

Chiesa di San Salvatore

Church of San Salvatore

The church of San Salvatore, located in the small square of the same name, is a short distance from Palazzo Spada, the T...

Chiesa di Sant'Alò

Church of Sant'Alò

The Church of Sant'Alò, originally dedicated to St Peter, is one of the oldest and most significant religious buildings ...

Chiesa di Santa Maria della Pace

Church of Santa Maria della Pace

Leaving the city centre, in the district of Valenza, well set in the landscape, you find this “d’auteur” church, a jewel...

Chiesa di Santa Maria delle Grazie

Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie

The church is located within Le Grazie Park where a small church dedicated to Our Lady of Grace once stood.

Chiesa di Sant'Antonio di Padova

Church of St Anthony of Padua

The design of the new church, the first built in modern times in Terni, was assigned to the architect Cesare Bazzani and...

Chiesa di San Francesco

Church of St Francis

The construction of the Church was undertaken in 1265. The original building had a nave with transept, in a Gothic style...

Cripta del Duomo

Crypt of the Cathedral

It belongs to the ad oratorium type, but due to the simplicity of its floor plan, it can be attributed to the early peri...