A tour of Terni's nightlife

Terni offers a wide range of entertainment options for all ages.


Although the popular Via Fratini has long been the epicentre of Terni's nightlife, one cannot ignore the surrounding areas, such as Piazza dell'Olmo, Via Lanzi, Via Cavour and Piazza della Repubblica, which in recent years have assimilated all the contagious energy of nightlife, expanding and providing an even richer variety in Terni.
In the evening, these streets pulsate with venues that satisfy every taste and wallet, offering an infinite selection of proposals, from sushi to pizza, from traditional to ethnic cuisine.

There are numerous venues that enhance Terni’s cuisine, ranging from the most refined and sophisticated to the most authentic and traditional, but all sharing a warm welcome and evident passion.


Although they are open throughout the week, it is at the weekend that these venues undergo a magical transformation, offering a variety of music ranging from piano bars to DJ sets to real concerts.

Not only does the centre transform itself at the weekend, but also the bars and pubs in the suburbs offer aperitif-dinners and musical entertainment, as if the fun were on every corner of the city.

Terni, contrary to what one might think, is a lively and welcoming city that offers a wide range of opportunities. You just need to know how to seize them, looking beyond appearances.