Travel ideas

Visit the city of Terni, take a look at the attractions, discover what to see
and let yourself be fascinated by the surroundings just waiting to be discovered.


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€ 180.00

A stay in the Valnerina to discover the black truf...

A getaway to Umbria to discover the winding valley of the Nera River, which stretches from the Sibillini Mountains and N...

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€ 195.00

Adventure weekend between the Valnerina waters

Two days dedicated to the discovery of Valnerina, the impervious valley of the Nera river, one of the places in Umbria w...

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€ 310.00

Bike Tour Umbria: Marmore Falls, Valnerina and Pie...

It will be a fun way to discover southern Umbria in contact with nature.

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€ 225.00

On the roads of the Romans: waterways and stone

Three days in Umbria to discover the great roman roads of communication

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€ 345.00

Relaxation and fun at Lake Piediluco

Lake Piediluco, the second largest in Umbria after Lake Trasimeno, will be a wonderful backdrop for your mini-vacation o...

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€ 311.00

Taste and Flavors in Umbria

An adventurous tour with wine, olive oil, and typical product tastings

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€ 239.00

Tour on the Enchanted Valley: on the paths of Plen...

Two days to discover the places that inspired the art "en plein air"

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€ 111.00

Trekking between art and nature

Discover Umbria through guided excursions and trekking itineraries

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€ 282.00

Valnerina Outdoor

Discover Umbria in a unique way: a comprehensive and adventurous tour

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€ 295.00

Weekend in Terni, the City of Valentine's Day

Discovering the places of the most famous saint in the world: the patron saint of lovers