Medieval Terni

Medieval  Terni

The town of Terni preserves some interesting medieval monuments now blending into the modern urban fabric. 
The town, surrounded by high, square town walls with towers, buttresses and bastions was divided into six districts (Fabri, Castello, Rigoni, Adultrini, Di Sotto and Amingoni). 
Today some of the towers of the medieval wall can still be seen, for example in Via Battisti or in Vico Possenti. The town could be assessed by five gates: only two of which are still visible today, the Spoletina and S. Angelo.

In correspondence to the entrance gates there were as many bridges passing over the rivers flowing through the town, the Nera and the Serra
Among the best preserved medieval buildings are Palazzo Mazzancolli, the former Town Hall (XX Settembre hall), the sanctuary of St.Francis, the crypt of the Duomo and St.Saviour’s, St.Alò’s, St Peter’s, St.Lawrence’s and St.Christopher’s.


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