Prose Season 2023-2024

From 24 October
To 16 April
Teatro Secci, Terni

The theatre season organized by the Teatro Stabile dell’Umbria in collaboration with the Municipality of Terni kicks off on Tuesday 24 October and Wednesday 25 October, with the show "Coppia aperta quasi spalancata" (“The open almost wide-open couple”), a tragicomic fable written by Dario Fo and Franca Rame. The performance features Chiara Francini accompanied by Alessandro Federico, directed by Alessandro Tedeschi.

The events will continue until 16 April with the final show "Quasi una serata" (“Almost an evening”), by Ethan Coen, directed by Davide Marranchelli. This play provides a reflection on the relationship between humans and the great mystery of existence.

Two interesting dance-theatre performances are scheduled. The first on 11 February, entitled "Seekin Unicorn," conceived, created and interpreted by Chiara Bersani – a performer and author active in the Performing Arts, experimental theatre and contemporary dance – is to be staged at CAOS. The second, on 20 and 21 February, features Ciro Masella who brings to the stage his "Il funambolo della luce. Nikola Tesla, ovvero l’uomo che illuminò il mondo" (“The tight-rope walker of light. Nikola Tesla, or rather the man who illuminated the world”), a poetic journey through words, dance, images and music into the mind and boundless imagination of one of the most revolutionary inventors in the history of mankind.

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